Farming Church Online Readiness Inventory

As mentioned at services last Sunday, CVLC has partnered with the SC Synod in Farming Church, which is based on the book by Mark E. Tidsworth, "Farming Church - Cultivating Adaptive Change in Congregations."  The concept is for our congregation to explore mission-congruent change in order to bring God's kingdom closer to us here on earth, much like the farmer cultivates a growing environment for the benefit of the crops.  Our first step is to gather our opinions as to where God is calling us to be - and Council needs your help.
Thank you for your interest in growing our church!  The Congregational Council invites every member and participant in our shared faith journey at Christus Victor to complete the Farming Church Online Readiness Inventory by following the link below:
Once there, enter your email address, select Christus Victor and your role (staff, lay leader, participant) from the drop down menus, and then answer 49 questions (rating statements on a scale of 0-10), seven questions in each of seven categories. At the end, you’ll be asked to submit your responses along with any comments/feedback you might have. Completing the Readiness Indicator online should take around 10-15 minutes.  Please let me know if you have any difficulties with the link or the Inventory, or if I can assist in any way. 
Your answers to these 49 questions will shape our efforts to become the congregation God is calling us to be.
The Online Readiness Indicator link will remain active through August 30, 2019.


Mike Metzler
CVLC Council and Congregational President