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Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers...




Helen Boone, Brenda Counts' mother, who is recovering from surgery

Richard Burke

Matt Ellis, who is recovering from surgery

Sue Fain, Becky Cannon's friend, who is having heart surgery

Flo Grove,  Patti Jo Grove's friend, who has cancer

Marie Hutchison, who is recovering from surgery

Blyth Lyons, Robyn Westphal's friend's 16 month old son, who has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma

Brittany Paul, Martha Beahm's friend, who has breast cancer

Carol Rogers, Edna Anderson's sister

Charles Spurlock, Sheryl Myers friend's son-in-law, who is undergoing cancer treatment

Collin Westphal




Lynette Burke, Eileen Dean, Pat Erickson, Marie Marszalek, Eddy Mae Murphy, Lana Rosenbeck



Kayden Lane Bashir, Michael Boone, Gayle Brazell, Bobby Broome, Gloria, David Ivey, Sharon Johnson, Wayne Johnson, Jeff Johnston, Sally Williams Kays, Bernice Lewis, Nolan McKinley, Jim Nichols, Amber Reed-Fischer, Megan Schroeder, Erika Shannon, Tracy Shealy, Robin Steinhilper,  Sallie Williams, John Williamson


In praise and thanksgiving



A special measure of your grace

For friends and family of Charles Grooms, cousin of Tom Counts, Sandra Dickert and Jesse Gates, who passed away

For veterans and those serving in the military


For our enemies and for reconciliation 









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