Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers...


Sharon Hixson, friend of the Gates, continuing to fight cancer

Sharon Johnson, friend of Doni Schroeder, who will have surgery the end of May to remove a cancerous tumor

Elizabeth Lucas, former CVLC member, recovering from surgery

Lana Rosenbeck, recovering from surgery

Megan Schroeder, Don and Doni Schroeder's daughter, who is having surgery on Monday, May 16

Tracy Shealy

JW Vinson, Marianna Vinson’s grandfather, who is undergoing a series of procedures



Georgia Cannon, Eileen Dean, Pat Erickson, Ann Larsen, Marie Marszalek, Eddy Mae Murphy



Kayden Lane Bashir, Helen Boone, Paul Boone, Gayle Brazell, Bobby Broome, Lynette Burke, David Ivey, Jeff Johnston, Sally Williams Kays, Nolan McKinley, Amber Reed-Fischer, Robin Steinhilper,  Collin Westphal


In praise and thanksgiving


A special measure of your grace

For veterans and those serving in the military


For our enemies and for reconciliation