Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers...

For Those who are ill

Mary Ann Blessing, Don Fairbanks, Jesse Gates, Larry Howard, Marie Marszalek, Lana Rosenbeck, Mary Swanson


Russell Anderson, Edna Anderson’s husband

Kay Benfield, Beth Stalbaum’s niece, Nathan’s cousin

Jay Brown, Donna Brown’s son

Louis Calamus, Lynette & Rich Burke’s friend

Ronnie Cannon, Randy Cannon’s brother

Joey and Cindy Carnaggio, Joyce Hornsby’s nephew and wife

Mary Lydia Cryer , friend of Fred Tate

Jim Davis, Laura Sturgeon’s friend

Holly Erickson, Pat Erickson’s great granddaughter

Jeff Johnston, Patti Jo Grove’s brother

Kathy Killian, Mack and Jennie Branham’s friend

Ron Morse, Patti Jo Grove’s friend

Haddie Noblet, Al Noblet’s niece

David Reeves, Beth Stalbaum’s brother in law, Nathan’s uncle

Jack Rickman, Becky Cannon’s father

James Springman, Marie Marszalek’s son

Sylvia Wills, Lynette Burke’s friend


In praise and thanksgiving


A special measure of your grace

For the friends and family of Zane Spigner, Jonathan Cannon’s friend, who passed away

For expectant parents Erika and Brian Clark, Randy Cannon’s friend

For all veterans and those presently serving in the military


For our enemies and for reconciliation


Prayer for Peace

God of all creation, bring your peace to all places and hearts that hunger for it. Bring understanding and peace to the descendants of Abraham, especially Jewish people, Muslims and Christians, that we may live together in harmony and work on behalf of the poor. Amen