Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers...


Jimmy Cannon, Randy Cannon’s brother, who fell and broke his ankle

Amanda Humphreys, Robyn Westphal’s sister who has COVID

James Johnson, Janet Robinson’s cousin, who was injured in a fall at work and will require surgery

Kylie McDonald, Janet Robinson’s cousin, who is recovering from brain surgery



Georgia Cannon, Eileen Dean, Pat Erickson, Ann Larsen, Marie Marszalek



Bobby Broome, Donna Brown, Diane Bruggeman, Susan Cafferty, Peyton Cannon, Barbara Chambers, Dave Davis, Corbin Huffman, Sharon Johnson, Nate Jungman, Nolan McKinley, Eddy Mae Murphy, Pastor Jim Nichols, Jeff Peters, Fred Tate


Friends and Family 

Jennifer Creasman, Janet Robinson’s friend’s niece, who is battling lung cancer


In praise and thanksgiving

For the birth of Theodora Georgia Panagiotakopoulos, daughter of Holly and Dino Panagiotakopoulos and granddaughter of  Katrina Davis and Tom McCoy


A special measure of your grace

For expectant parents, Madison and Karim Bashir, daughter of Randy and Becky Cannon

For friends and family of Pat Baldwin, Janet Robinson’s neighbor, who passed away

For friends and family of Bill Bare, friend of Laura Lesslie, who passed away from COVID

For friends and family of Pastor Rick Inman, pastor at Sandy Run Lutheran Church, who passed away from COVID

For friends and family of Glen Mills, friend of Len Lesslie, who passed away

For Sean White, grandson of Sharon and Charles Weber, who has been deployed

For veterans and those serving in the military


For our enemies and for reconciliation 



For our enemies and for reconciliation