Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers...

For those who are ill

Lexi Fairbanks, Nan Ford, Sarah Horejsi, Olivia Keaton, Ann Larsen, Marie Marszalek, Eddy Mae Murphy, Bee Stoudenmire, Joe Stoudenmire, Fred Tate, Leyla Ziolkowski


Linda Andersen, Jenny Spearen’s mother

Russell Anderson, Edna Anderson’s husband

Crew Bailey, Jessica Zelten's granddaughter

Jane Branch, mother of Randy Cannon’s coworker

Linda Branham, Randy Cannon’s sister

Geraldine Coffey, Jennifer Coffey’s mother

Paisleigh Doward, Randy and Becky Cannon's great-great niece

Holly Erickson, Pat Erickson’s great granddaughter

Margaret Farina, Dermon and Jean Sox’s son-in-law’s mother

Stella Fielder, Natalie Keaton’s friend

Becky Hegdahl, Doni Schroeder’s friend

Muriel Hill-Rowley, Zora Howard's cousin

Sharon Hixson, Jesse and Abbie Gates’ friend

Bonnie Houpt, Garnet Noblet’s mother

Jessica, Nancy Amundson’s son’s sister-in-law

Donna Jones, Martha Beahm's coworker and friend

Zoey Jones and her parents, Laura Vinson’s friend

Nate Jungman, Doni Schroeder’s friend

Gerald Kane, Patti Jo Grove's friend

Sally Williams Kays, Janet Robinson’s cousin

Patsy Keaton, Patrick Keaton’s mother

Kathy Killian, Mack and Jennie Branham’s friend

Joe & Alice Lingerfelt, Libby Miller’s parents

Ginny Lobaugh, Laura Lesslie’s mother

Joey McCorkle, the Nichol’s grandson Samuel’s best friend

Lyn Metzler, Mike Metzler’s mother

Bobbie Pate, Pat Erickson’s daughter-in-law’s mother

Emily Prince, granddaughter of Laura Lesslie’s coworker

Jack Rickman, Becky Cannon’s father

Dorothy Williams, Janet Robinson’s aunt

Nelson Williams, Janet Robinson’s cousin

Teresa Williams, Janet Robinson's cousin


In praise and thanksgiving


A special measure of your grace

Rick Moran, Charles Weber’s friend, who passed away

For friends and family of Larry Andersen, Jenny Spearen's father, who passed away 

For friends and family of Ronnie Eldridge, Becky Cannon’s sister Mary Merck’s fiancé, who passed away

For friends and family of Ronnie Cannon, Randy Cannon’s brother, who passed away

For public school teachers, staff and children

For Tracy Shealy

Josiah Swanson, Laura Vinson’s nephew, who is serving active military duty in Kuwait and Iraq

For expectant parents, Madison Cannon and Karim Bashir

For all veterans and those presently serving in the military


For our enemies and for reconciliation