Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers...

Members who are homebound

Peggy Johnston, Woody Lanning


Those who are ill

Larry & Becky Brown, Rich Burke, Becky Cannon, Jonathan Cannon,

Jack Erickson, Hudson Horejsi, Marie Hutchison, Ann Larsen, Eddy Mae Murphy, Robin Steinhilper, Eric Strom, Laura & Billy Sturgeon, Ralph Wallace, Judy White


Russ Anderson, Edna Anderson’s husband

Lola Atkinson, Janet Robinson’s friend

Phyllis Banks, Andrea Keaton’s mother

Jennifer Burris, Joe & Bee Stoudenmire’s friend

Dave Butts, Debra Greene Butts’ husband

Maggie Cafferty, Susan Cafferty’s daughter

Ronnie Cannon, Georgia Cannon's son, Randy's brother

Becky Erickson, Jack & Pat Erickson’s daughter in law

Ken Erickson, Jack & Pat Erickson’s son

Mary Erk, Eddy Mae Murphy’s friend

Cathy Hanzlik, Emily & Mitzi Calvert’s friend

Billy Holmes, Bee Stoudenmire’s brother in law

Larry Howard, Laura Sturgeon’s father

Larry Johnson, Scott Johnson’s father

Barry Kirchhoff, Kathy Stom’s cousin

Joe Lingerfelt, Libby Miller’s father

Betsy Marshall, Susan Cafferty’s mother

Ron Morse, Patti Jo Grove’s friend

John Murphy, Eddy Mae Murphy’s son

Pam Nelson, Sheryl Myers’ friend

Haddie Noblet, Al Noblet’s neice

Myron Norfleet, Randy Cannon’s friend

David Reeves, Beth Stalbaum’s brother in law, Nathan’s uncle

Joyce & Jack Rickman, Becky Cannon’s parents

Alan Thompson, Janet Robinson’s brother

Julie Tygart, June & John Martin’s daughter

John & Sheila Wilkes, Ann Larsen’s son & daughter in law


In praise and thanksgiving


A special measure of your grace

For Martha Beahm

For all veterans and those presently serving in the military

For expectant parents Jon & Sarah Horejsi


For our enemies and for reconciliation


Prayer for Peace

God of all creation, bring your peace to all places and hearts that hunger for it. Bring understanding and peace to the descendants of Abraham, especially Jewish people, Muslims and Christians, that we may live together in harmony and work on behalf of the poor. Amen