Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers...


Russell Anderson, who will be having surgery on April 26 to correct blood flow blockages in his lower legs

Tom Counts, who is recovering from shoulder surgery

Sarah Horejsi, Sheryl Myers' daughter-in-law

Olivia Keaton, who has thyroid cancer and is facing another surgery

Dennis Piecuch, the Metzler’s friend, who is going through radiation treatments

Catherine Marie White, Charles and Sharon Weber’s daughter, who has COVID



Georgia Cannon, Eileen Dean, Pat Erickson, Ann Larsen, Marie Marszalek, Eddy Mae Murphy



Lexi Fairbanks, Fred Tate


Friends and Family 

Pat Baldwin, Janet Robinson’s neighbor, who has pancreatic cancer

Cherily Boem, Patrick Keaton’s friend

Jennifer Creasman, Janet Robinson’s friend’s niece, who is battling stage 4 lung cancer

Margaret Farina, the Soxes’ son in law John England’s mother

Jason Griffin, Tom and Brenda Counts’ daughter Jessie’s brother in law

Sharon Hixson, the Gates’ friend who has cancer

Betty Mattox, Pastor Jane’s friend

Risa Nolting, Laura Sturgeon’s friend


In praise and thanksgiving


A special measure of your grace


For our enemies and for reconciliation