Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers...


Elizabeth Derrick, Judy Rowe’s mother, who has tested positive for COVID-19

Donna Dowey, Billy Sturgeon’s sister, who is recovering from bypass surgery

Charles Dowey, Billy Sturgeon’s brother in law, who has tested positive for COVID-19

Chris Gratton, Katrina Davis’ friend’s son, who has a malignant brain tumor

Mark Gratton, Katrina Davis’ friend’s son, who is recovering from a gun shot wound to the abdomen

Danny Klotz, son of Chuck and Judy Klotz, whose entire family has contracted COVID-19

Rich Nenstiel, Don Fairbanks friend, who will undergo surgery for prostate cancer on Friday

Fred Tate

Charles and Sharon Weber, who are recovering from COVID-19




Georgia Cannon, Eileen Dean, Pat Erickson, Ann Larsen, Marie Marszalek ,

Eddy Mae Murphy


Continuing - Lexi Fairbanks, Sarah Horejsi, Lana Rosenbeck


Friends and Family 

Pat Baldwin, Janet Robinson’s neighbor, who has pancreatic cancer

Jennifer Creasman, Janet Robinson’s friend’s niece, who is battling stage 4 lung cancer

Nate Jungman, Doni Schroeder’s friend

Betty Mattox, Pastor Jane’s friend


In praise and thanksgiving


A special measure of your grace

For friends and family of Dorothy Williams, Janet Robinson’s aunt, who passed away


For our enemies and for reconciliation